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CoSure helps insurance industry to transfer their risks stand alone or cumulatively.
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Reinsurance Companies

From single risk analysis to macro economic views discover the tools to improve efficiency.

Insurance Companies

Secure your covers faster through a safety guaranteed platform.

Reinsurance & Insurance Brokers

Supercharge placement process, grow your network improve your customer satisfaction. Discover the new markets to cover your clients.

Insurance Agencies

Explore new capacities, gain competitive advantage.

About Us

CoSure is helping insurance industry to reduce the operational burden behind the risk transfer process with its automated services.

It is difficult to manage risk transfer process manually. Finding quotation in borderless world is time consuming, tracking emails and reconciliations each and every month is inefficient, keeping files manuelly is not safe. Let us help to move you in digital.

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"CoSure enables us to transform our perception to manage our risks effectively through a highly digital CoSure Platform."
Ahmet Yaşar
CEO & Board Member, Quick Sigorta
"A great tool to open our risks to outside world for the best quotation and placements."
Deputy General Manager, Corpus Sigorta

Our Clients

Insurance industry is about covering risks and sharing these high exposures with reinsurers to balance their overall technical results, they need additional capacity from local or global markets. Our platform welcomes all capacity seekers and capacity providers, worldwide.

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